APS Multi Crew Course

Airline Pilot Standard

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The aim of the Airline Pilot Standard MCC course is to train pilots to the level of proficiency necessary to safely operate multi-pilot, multi-engine airplanes in an airline setting. The course includes 40 hours of training  in a modern B737NG FNPTII simulator.

All instructors are highly experienced airline pilots. 

Course dates Summer 2022

Flexible course dates, please contact us for more information


Course price


Per person rate when training with a partner

Individual student price €5490 

3 hours job assessment/interview prep included!

Housing options available

Location: Jönköping, Sweden

About the course

Airline oriented training

The APS MCC course is divided into three parts:

  • Introduction and self-study of SOP
  • Theoretical knowledge instruction in the classroom (30 hours)
  • Simulator training (40 hours B737)

Once enrolled into the course you will be given access to the APS MCC Study Guide. The Study Guide contains B737 SOP and B737 systems information and is to be studied prior to arriving at the simulator facility in Jönköping. Once you arrive at the facility the first week consists of classroom instruction with topics such as crew coordination and airline oriented operations.

The simulator training will focus on division of tasks, use of checklists, mutual supervision, teamwork and support throughout all phases of flight under normal, abnormal and emergency conditions

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