Ole Martin Walberg

CEO/Accountable Manager/co-founder

Ole Martin has more than 15 years experience from the flight school industry in the US and Norway. He has a diverse aviation background, including:

  • Former CFO & Accountable Manager, Airwing AS
  • Former Training Manager Theory, CAE Oslo Aviation Academy
  • M. Sc. Aeronautical Science, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

As Accountable Manager, Ole Martin is responsible for promoting the highest degree of safety within Oslo Flight Academy and to ensure the school operates with an effective management system. 

Ole Martin is an active flight instructor and airline pilot, having amassed more than 6000 flights hours including  more than 4000 on Airbus A321 and A330.

Kjersti Melling


With an aviation career spanning four decades, Kjersti has served in numerous positions, including as an instructor since 1986, and airline pilot until 2004.

Kjersti's diverse background means she has obtained extensive experience with regards to European regulations concerning flight training. Highlights:

  • NP Crew Training, Airwing AS
  • Head of Training, Luftfartsskolen (2000-2013)
  • Textbook author, sole author of Norway’s leading textbook for the Private Pilot Licence
  • Published several aviation related textbooks
  • Former Commercial Pilot, Dornier 228
  • ICAO Pans-OPS Procedure Designer; Designed approach procedures for Norwegian Airports

Richard Bednar

Head of Training

As Head of Training, Richard's main responsibility is to ensure Oslo Flight Academy performs training in accordance with the regulations set forth in EASA Part-FCL.

Richard is an active flight instructor with extensive training experience, including: 

  • Flight Instructor FI(A), FI/ME, FI/IR, FI/FI
  • Former Training Manager CAE Oslo Aviation Academy
  • Former Head of Training Luftfartsskolen

Charlie Ljungström

Chief Flight Instructor FSTD + MCCI

As Chief Flight Instructor FSTD, Charlie is responsible for the structure and content of simulator training at Oslo Flight Academy. In addition, he serves as Multi Crew Course Instructor (MCCI) on the MCC-courses.

Charlie completed his flight training in Sweden and has attained more than 10 years of experience within aviation to include 3000 hours on B737 and B787.

Einar Thune Iversen

Compliance Monitoring Manager

As Compliance Monitoring Manager, Einar is responsible for ensuring that OFA ATO operates in compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements as well as the authority approved operations manuals and training manuals.

Einar completed his commercial flight training in Norway, a decade ago. He has a broad experience, including as Head of Training at Luftfartsskolen in the time period 2013-2017. He is currently an airline pilot on the Dash-8 for a Norwegian operator. 

Torgeir Navelsaker

Safety Manager

Torgeir is responsible for developing and maintaining an effective Safety Management System in OFA ATO.

A current Boeing 787 airline pilot, Torgeir has a broad aviation background with more than 9500 flight hours as well as an MBA in Aviation Management from UiN and a B.Sc in Security, Emergency preparedness and Crisis from INN University.


After having completed his flight training in the US, he worked as a flight instructor prior to joining the airlines. He is experienced on aircraft types such as the Jetstream 32, Boeing 737, 767 and 787.


OFA is an EASA Approved Training Organisation (NO.ATO.025) and Declared Training Organisation (NO.DTO.0036). OFA offers various modular flight training and theoretical knowledge courses, including PPL, CB-IR(A), ATPL(A), ATPL(H)/IR and various simulator options, including  the APS MCC-course. The PPL-theory courses are in Norwegian, but the CB-IR(A) and ATPL-courses are in English. Please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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